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The Equipoise Fund plays whatever role proves most effective in order to create systemic change for Wyoming women and girls, be it convener, collaborator or conversationalist. It has been our honor and privilege to work with many organizations to help create a new center of balance for women and girls in Wyoming, including the following:

The University of Wyoming Women’s Studies Program offers students the opportunity to explore issues of gender and sexuality, filling in the gaps in knowledge about women, but also stimulating students to review and reflect on how knowledge itself becomes gendered.

The vision of the Wyoming Council for Women’s Issues is to improve the quality and equality of life for Wyoming women.

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation supports the economic self-sufficiency of women and the future of girls. By providing grants and developing programs to foster awareness of the barriers facing the women and girls of Wyoming, WYWF proactively advocates for statewide change.

Incubated as a project of The Equipoise Fund, Womentum has become a full-fledged partner, dedicated to harnessing women’s intellectual, creative and charitable spirit to effectuate meaningful social change for women. Through “action philanthropy” this enthusiastic and talented group offers a mentoring program designed to broaden the impact that women have on other women’s lives.

Originally initiatives of The Equipoise Fund, Raising Girls and Thrive have both become programs with Girls Actively Participating! (GAP!). Continuing under the GAP name, this dynamic alliance enables the three organizations to leverage their varied resources and multiply their results while streamlining a broad flow of information both to and about the issues facing young girls. GAP! now offers programming to girls from the beginning of middle school through high school as well as providing developmental information to the most influential people in growing girls’ lives: their parents and teachers.

Additionally, the Equipoise Fund works with these partners to create successful solutions to the challenges facing women and girls in Wyoming:

Alisan Peters provides writing and editorial services for businesses, publications and the Web.

Clearview Strategies is a nonprofit and small business consultancy, specializing in marketing, communications and event planning.

Dolphin Design is a full-service graphic design studio creating high-quality, effective graphic design and web design for nonprofits and small businesses around the globe.

IvyCat Web Services is a professional WordPress development firm dedicated to helping businesses create, market, and maintain strong, effective websites and web applications.

Lumina offers writing, design and event planning services to businesses and nonprofit organizations from its base in Boulder, Colorado.

Laughing Lamb Design turns concepts into real, live, visual communications for nonprofits and small businesses. Tracy Lamb, Laughing Lamb Design.

m.e.t. solutions provides research, development and event coordination for a variety of Jackson Hole, statewide and regional nonprofit clients.

Open End Studios focuses squarely on usability, Web standards and elegant Web design to create sites like Raising Girls.