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Don’t Fence Me In: Celebrating Women and Girls of Wyoming

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New Release, New Stories

After a remarkably successful five-year run, our award-winning documentary, Don’t Fence Me In, has been remixed to include a number of new interviews with more of the women who live, work and raise families in Wyoming. Having sold out the original printing, the film crew decided they could retrieve a number of the stories that had been left in the editing studio due to the 56-minute format and bring new energy to the reprinting of the DVD by re-releasing it with a bonus track.

From the original 150 nominees, thirteen were included in the first DVD. Their stories reached around the world, touching women through the Public Broadcasting Station, through the Smithsonian’s Environmental Film Festival and the Rocky Mountain Film Festival. The DVD screened at film festivals in Croatia and the Czech Republic and at the annual conference of Women of the Mountains International, held at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, celebrating International Women’s Day. There, a delegate from Kyrgyzstan noted, “International Women’s Day is a very important day in our country, a day when we recognize the contributions of women in every walk of life, and this film shows that so well.”

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