the equipoise fund

2020 Grantees

    • The Gender Lens Project

    • A project of the Equality State Policy Center

    • Grant: $5000
    • Seed funding

    • Impact:

      Thanks to The Equipoise Fund, ESPC has been able to take The Gender Lens Project to communities all over Wyoming. The Gender Lens Project has shared information about how and why women fit into policy discussions–and how and why we get overlooked in policy discussions–with everyone from Legislators to supporters of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra. Already, there has been a shift in awareness around issues that are sometimes thought of as “gender neutral” and a gradual realization that policies that have been considered women-specific–like childcare–are actually good for everyone.

      “It feels like there is a genuine shift in the Overton Window and ESPC’s whole team and I are proud to be leading that shift.”

      -Jen Simon, Senior Policy Adviser


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    • Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus

    • Grant: $1000
    • Leap Into Leadership Conference sponsorship

    • Impact:

      “Working with The Equipoise Fund really made the difference! Their gift helped us not only host the event, but also gave two women, who may not have been able to come otherwise, the opportunity¬†to attend on scholarship. That is why we are all here – to help women soar!”

      -Kate Debow Hayes, Planning Coordinator, Wyoming Women’s Legislative Caucus

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