equipoise news volume 23

equipoise news volume 23 spring 2014   Change. It’s the only constant, really. As I look out my window, change is all around me: catkins on bare aspen branches; tender waves of fresh water where ice had been; green haze across the valley floor. Happy Spring! With this edition of our newsletter, we embrace change. […]

equipoise news volume 22

equipoise news volume 22 winter 2013   In celebration of the tenth year of The Equipoise Fund, my wonderful friends (and co-directors) Jean, Lee and I spent several lovely days at Miraval Spa, in Tucson, Arizona. Miraval is not your ordinary spa . . . it has been my refuge and retreat for many years, […]

equipoise news volume 21

equipoise news volume 21 spring-summer 2013 Let’s Play! We begin this 10th year of The Equipoise Fund with celebration and play, with joy, gratitude and creativity—a perfect balance to the fruitful efforts we’ve all put forward toward energizing, enriching and encouraging the vision, voice and visibility of the women and girls of Wyoming. I believe […]

equipoise news volume 20

equipoise news volume 20 fall-winter 2012 Where Do YOU find joy? As we enter a season of joy and gratitude, I find myself asking, “What is the source of my joy? To whom or what do I owe my gratitude?” We are completing another year of growth at The Equipoise Fund. Our programs now include […]

equipoise news volume 19

equipoise news volume 19 spring-summer 2012   For the past 9 years, The Equipoise Fund has had a mission: to energize, enrich and encourage the vision, voice and visibility of the women and girls of Wyoming. And for the past 9 years, we’ve been reaching toward the best ways to accomplish those goals. We’ve held […]

equipoise news volume 18

equipoise news volume 18 fall 2011 Challenges and Opportunities Is it possible that challenges can create opportunities? If you ask a group of climbers who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this past July, I believe you will hear a resounding YES! I had the wonderful experience of joining the Leap of Faith team in Tanzania this summer. […]

equipoise news volume 17

equipoise news volume 17 spring 2011 The other day, as I watched the landscape here in Jackson Hole shift from snow squalls to rain to brilliant sunshine, I thought about the earth’s authentic voice, and how human presence has often manipulated or muted that original voice. I thought about the voices of women and girls […]

equipoise news volume 16

equipoise news volume 16 winter 2010 Jackson Hole first snow of 2010 Wyoming has its share of seasons–and we’re not talking road construction!  When snow hits the ground, you know it’s time to curl up with the pup or your skis . . . or both! The clear, blue summer, the remarkable and colorful fall, […]